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Our monthly IT market alerts provide an analysis of the previous month's market trends. KnowledgeBus users and subscribers can get early access to the most recent monthly issue. Issues from previous months are below.

July 2018

It was another typical mixed-month across the IT channel in June. Reports this month showed smartphones registering a loss in volume but increase in value, PC shipments continue to decline, wearables are on the up, semiconductor revenue posted huge YoY growth, NAND prices are trending lower, printer shipments are increasing and TV panels expect a drop in Q2 but growth in Q3. Read More

June 2018

Another mixed month in the IT channel saw a series of Q1 results and annual predictions. Smartphone shipments fell in Q1 and are expected to be down YoY in 2018 but rise again in 2019. Tablets continued their decline despite growth for detachable devices. PCs were down and will continue to fall over the next five years, just as semiconductor and DRAM revenues are expected to break new heights and SSD adoption continued to grow. Both LCD panels and global printer shipments increased. Read More

May 2018

It was another mixed month in the IT channel in April. Tablets shipments are expected to rise while PC shipments drop, semiconductor sales are up YoY but down on the quarter, DRAM prices are set to come down, flexible AMOLED smartphone and curved gaming monitor panels are on the up along with 3D printer sales, while the euro struggled to gain traction against the dollar or the pound. Read More

April 2018

With Q1 traditionally a quiet period for the IT channel, this month’s reports looked at forecasts for the year ahead. Notably, monitor and PC shipments look set for a decline, just as wearables, SSD adoption and industrial 3D printing are forecast for growth. Read More

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