IT Benchmarking Study 2017

11 October 2017

Our advanced KnowledgeBus benchmarking tool reveals how different suppliers took advantage of the pound drop after Brexit and raised their margins up to 1992%.

University of Birmingham

07 September 2017

KnowledgeBus helped University of Birmingham save in excess of £70,000 in first 6-months 

The University of Nottingham

07 September 2017

The University of Nottingham has adopted an innovative online IT benchmarking tool, KnowledgeBus IT Edition, to reduce IT purchase costs as part of an overall effort to get more from the same budget. A total of 30% of universities now use IT Edition as part of Best Practice procurement.

The Industry Standard for IT Equipment

07 September 2017

New benchmarking research has found that, on average, Universities are paying over seven times the industry standard margin for their IT equipment.

Research Confirms Private and Public Sector Pay Extortionate Prices for ICT

07 September 2017

New research on the purchase price of ICT products has revealed that organisations have been paying exorbitant margins anywhere up to 731% when buying from suppliers.

Rallying dollar set to add up to 10% to price of ICT

07 September 2017

The pound’s 17 month low against the dollar has prompted manufacturers to forecast significant price rises of up to 10% from the beginning of February.  This may hit some IT budgets hard, says IT supply chain expert Al Nagar from KnowledgeBus.

Organisations still paying over the odds on IT

07 September 2017

New research finds average IT margins and overspend have increased for key sectors.

Organisations found to be paying nine times too much for IT products

07 September 2017

Organisations are unwittingly lining the pockets of suppliers by purchasing IT products at prices several times higher than the industry standard, according to the third annual IT margins survey from KnowledgeBus. The study showed that a lack of awareness concerning product mark-ups means that businesses are still under the illusion that they are getting a good deal.

Only 2 in 10 Organisations are achieving fair deals when buying IT

07 September 2017

IT represents one of the largest areas of indirect procurement spend and its highly dynamic supply chain consistently ensures a volatile marketplace.

Next Generation ICT Benchmarking Launched

07 September 2017

With 81%* of organisations not getting the ICT deals they expected and some paying up to 731%** margin on purchases, version 3 of web-based benchmarking tool, KnowledgeBus IT Edition, has been launched to help drive informed strategic ICT procurement decisions and more from tighter budgets.

More for Less Procurement Culture

07 September 2017

As natural disasters continue to impact on manufacture, supply and pricing, ICT buyers need to shift their ethos towards buying for today and tomorrow, says Mercato Solution's Head of Benchmarking, Al Nagar.

Market Visibility App

07 September 2017

South Staffordshire College has managed to save tens of thousands during the development of its new state of the art campus after deploying an online benchmarking application called KnowledgeBus IT Edition.

IT Supply Chain

07 September 2017

Navigating the complex IT Supply Chain for value

IT Supply Chain

07 September 2017

The IT industry is extremely fast-paced with multiple new products and technologies entering the market at any given time. A current trend is seeing technology development for and adoption by consumers first and business second. Indeed, Bring Your Own Device is seeing business users bringing their own consumer devices into work for desktop use. This is becoming more prevalent as today’s employees blur the lines between devices used for work versus personal consumption.

IT product prices likely to soar in coming weeks

07 September 2017

Buyers warned not to get caught out by chaotic market conditions.

IT product prices

07 September 2017

Buyers warned not to get caught out by chaotic market conditions.

Education Drive Down IT Margins

07 September 2017

Innovative software business, Mercato Solutions, is championing a charge to support education in driving down the price of IT with a series of nation-wide events.

Inflation on tech products

10 November 2016

Inflation on technology products is rising much faster than the economy in general, research by IT benchmarking provider KnowledgeBus has revealed.

Main Procurement Challenges

31 July 2016

Procurement and IT professionals face increasing pressure to make more strategic decisions that will drive value for money. 

Can you really benchmark IT purchases with Google?

16 January 2015

It's not surprising that almost nine in ten of us will now use a search engine to look up information on a product prior to making a purchase. An office manager, for example, might compare the price of USBs online before heading out to the local stationery store to purchase them. Google calls this action the 'zero moment of truth'.

Help NHS Drive Down IT Margins

08 September 2014

Innovative software business, Mercato Solutions, is championing a charge to support NHS organisations in driving down the price of IT with a series of nation-wide events.

Better Benchmarking Could Save 67% on IT Budgets

25 June 2013

IT and procurement directors could save 66% of their budgets by simply buying IT equipment on the right day, according to latest research.   

Housing Associations

19 June 2013

New benchmarking research has found that on average housing associations are paying up to four times the industry standard for their IT equipment.

IT Benchmarking Solutions for the Government

27 March 2012

The Government's G-Cloud is being praised for tackling head-on the subject of benchmarking IT product purchases, a subject highlighted as pivotal to driving down the cost of Government on IT equipment.