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Our monthly IT market alerts provide an analysis of the previous month's market trends. KnowledgeBus users and subscribers can get early access to the most recent monthly issue. Issues from previous months are below.

Seprtember 2021

Supply chain issues are still a problem in some areas as we move through 2021, with PCs taking the brunt of it. This has sent component prices soaring, with DRAM and NAND flash demand up. Nevertheless, some sectors are booming as businesses shifted out of pandemic mode. Printers in particular have had a good spring. Read More

August 2021

July showed continuing signs of pandemic recovery in the IT sector, despite ongoing supply chain issues and fears of a fourth pandemic wave. The UK channel is cruising along at around 10% more revenue than the 2019 moving four-week average, said CONTEXT Research. Read More

July 2021

Signs of recovery from the pandemic continue to pop up, but that isn't a good thing for many sectors. Tablets, for example, are slowing in sales as people anticipate leaving lockdown. The mid-pandemic feeding frenzy in that segment was never sustainable. Read More

June 2021

The IT channel saw strong growth in key areas in April, with smartphones and PCs faring especially well. Computer monitors also showed excellent performance. The ongoing supply shortage continues to bite the channel, however, threatening its ability to mount a sustained, strong recovery. Read More

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