IT Market Alert

Our monthly IT market alerts provide an analysis of the previous month's market trends. KnowledgeBus users and subscribers can get early access to the most recent monthly issue. Issues from previous months are below.

May 2019

There was more bad news than good for the IT channel this month as shipments of mobile phones, tablets, PCs, panels, and printer shipments all fell, DRAM prices continued to slide, and the memory and semiconductor industries posted large losses. Read More

April 2019

March was another mixed month for the IT channel. Current smartphone shipments are down, but the outlook is positive. PC shipments and memory prices continue to dive, while enterprise storage values and panels are looking up. Read More

March 2019

It was another negative month for the IT channel in February with the euro falling against both currencies, smartphones posting minimal growth, PC shipments down across the board, DRAM revenue falling hard and printer sales in decline. Read More

February 2019

The IT channel was on the negative side again this month, with reports indicating 2018 was a year of decline and the outlook for 2019 not much better. Read More

January 2019

This month’s reports showed a negative end to 2018 but a positive outlook on the future. Across the board, smartphones, tablets, PCs, DRAM, displays and printers all posted mixed reviews while it was all good news for semiconductors, wearables and enterprise storage. Read More

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