KnowledgeBus power on your Windows Devices

KnowledgeBus is the ultimate web based procurement software, allowing you to analyse stock and costing trends quicker and easier.

Stay on top of the IT market by incorporating KnowledgeBus into your existing purchasing teams and processes.  Never again will you be caught without the stock you need at truly competitive prices.

Now you can take the power of KnowledgeBus with you on all Windows devices. When sync is turned on, Windows keeps track of your preferred settings and sets them on all your Windows 10 devices.

Analyse stock and costing trends quicker and easier than ever before.

KnowledgeBus automates benchmarking and enables IT buyers to:
  • Openly negotiate margins down to industry standards of cost +3%
  • Save up to 24% on budgets without even changing suppliers
  • Achieve ROI within weeks of using the application
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