Leading NHS procurement peers will speak and offer guidance on how to negotiate IT purchases down to cost plus 3% at the first free-to-attend event being held at Rodbaston Hall, South Staffordshire College on 7th October. 

IT procurement research has found NHS organisations are still paying an average of up to seven times more than the industry standard of cost plus 3%, highlighting the NHS is still paying too much for IT.

The highest margin paid by the NHS for a single IT purchase was an astounding 673%, the largest margin recorded in the research.

The study benchmarked a variety of NHS IT purchases against trade guide prices using Mercato’s CIPS accredited KnowledgeBus IT application.

Results showed that the average margin being paid was 24%. This was an improvement on the previous year’s figure of 28% but still much higher than the recommended industry standard of just three percent*.

Mercato’s head of benchmarking, Al Nagar, said: “Out of the 12 sectors we researched the NHS was found to be paying the highest margins.  This equates to poor value for money at a time when organisations need support in driving cost out of buying IT, which ultimately means better value for the tax payer. 

“We have launched a series of events designed to bring together procurement professionals from within the NHS to speak and share their experiences of driving more open and transparent relationships with suppliers.

“Often unknown tricks of the trade to beating and controlling the impact of rapid price and stock changes in the IT marketplace will also be shared.  IT buyers struggle to get value for money as the market is moving so fast.”

Information and registration for the event can be found on its event page or by calling 0121 605 2050.