KnowledgeBus is CIPS accredited technology; it reduces time and consistently achieves best value saving our users up to 24% on their IT procurement.

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KnowledgeBus is deployed from the cloud and offered on a SaaS model.

This means, we look after all things technical for you such as hosting and deployment, meaning no intrusive customer server intervention, hardware investment or hosting requirements.

Our IT benchmarking platform enables IT buyers to quickly benchmark purchases against daily trade guide price and stock levels on over 150,000 products from more than 2,500 manufacturers. Our range of IT spend anaylsis tools help buyers identify, track and forecast market dynamics more efficiently. With so many great features, KnowledgeBus is the perfect addition for your business.


Business Intelligence

Drive informed procurement decisions with a terabyte of daily updated ICT market business intelligence.


Rapid Benchmarking

Chart, plot and track primary IT price affecting elements to help predict best time to buy products.


App Store

KnowledgeBus' newest feature allowing users to work more effectively, saving time and money.


Total Compatibility

Integrate your benchmarking workflow with third party solutions, from cloud based applications through to complex ERP systems.


Exchange Rates

KnowledgeBus covers 150,000 + "live" products from 2,500+ manufacturers across every category.


Spend Analysis

Monitor channel prices, margins and industry cost guides while accessing data such as product descriptions, quantity, and purchase dates.


Pricing Frameworks

For organisations with larger IT budgets we can provide unique pricing frameworks.


Request for Quotes

Accelerate your purchasing processes with our advanced RFQ features.


Import Complex Data

With KnowledgeBus you can perform one-off checks or upload complex catalogues.


Item Alerts

You can set alerts for specific items of interest. Configure channels to get notified accordingly to your custom needs and requirements.


Integration Solutions

Our features are exposed using industry standard web services, and with add-ons for applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.



We are constantly developing KnowledgeBus to help increase user productivity and overall effectiveness.

Our cost avoidance figures show that Home Group saved £50,000 over six months as a result of using KnowledgeBus and we are likely to save more than £80,000 over the course of the year.

Lara Davidson, Home Group IS Supplier

Relationship Manager

On items like network cabling, we have spotted over charging to the tune of 200-300%. We now pay a best practice margin of 3%. This saving enables us to get more from the same budget.

Business and Commissioning Manager

Regional Council

KnowledgeBus is saving us money and hours in time. It has reduced duplication of effort as the audit team can now see we are achieving best value on every purchase and this efficiency has released the business to focus on more strategic tasks.

Andrew Ryan

Britannia Hotels

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