The Ability to Extend

Extend KnowledgeBus to work exactly how you need it to.

We know that KnowledgeBus is a great product, however, we also understand that you may want it to do more, or work a little differently.

As well as having the ability to install Apps from our App Store to extend your KnowledgeBus features, you can now also build, or have us build your own bespoke Extensibility Apps via our Rapid Application Platform - KnowledgeKube.

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Extend Even Further

Extend your procurement solutions even further with our Progora Platform.

KnowledgeBus is great for IT based benchmarking and product cost savings, with its new extensibility layer and App Store, it can now do more that ever before.

But are you looking for even more?

Then check out Progora, a marketplace platform for e-procurement that enables you to create hybrid business marketplaces for all products and services, as stand-alone or part of larger Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) deployments.

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See KnowledgeBus in action

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