So what's so different about the all new KnowledgeBus?

The new version of KnowledgeBus has been rebuilt from the ground up on our award winning Rapid Application Development Platform - KnowledgeKube.

Why use KnowledgeKube?

KnowledgeKube is now the extensibility platform of choice when rapidly expanding solutions based on all of our platforms. By rebuilding KnowledgeBus in this way, we have opened up the world of extensibility including the New App Store, Bespoke Apps, and custom Extensibility into other CRM, ERP and Procurement systems.

Create Enterprise Apps the Easy Way with KnowledgeKube.

KnowledgeKube is an award-winning app development platform. Without having to write code, you can produce enterprise web and mobile apps faster and cheaper than using traditional development methods.

Without a doubt, it’s the fastest way for business users and IT professionals alike to create, test and deploy apps that run across devices. Want an App independent of KnowledgeBus - No Problem!

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