Rapid Benchmarking

Purchase more strategically

Chart, plot and track primary IT price affecting elements to help predict best time to buy. With monitoring of market patterns on global exchange rates, your organisation can make real-time smart buying decisions.

Stay ahead of your competition by making informed decisions whist increasing operational efficiency across departments. With KnowledgeBus you can see the transparency between supplier margins, regardless of how you purchase IT.

App Store

The newest KnowledgeBus feature

A completely new feature of KnowledgeBus, allowing users to install additional applications to help enhance user productivity and efficiency.

The KnowledgeBus App Store includes a new Request for Quote app which makes the quoting process faster and more effective. Bespoke business applications can be designed to cater to your organisation's needs and business objectives. Our developers can build these applications for you or you can create your own.

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Spend Analysis

Combine the power of your systems

KnowledgeBus automates benchmarking against daily guide price and stock levels on over 150,000 products from more than 2,500 manufacturers.

As reassurance of the ROI opportunity, without cost or obligation, we undertake a spend analysis exercise on a sample of 50-100 IT product purchases spanning 12 months. The analysis reveals the actual margins you have been paying, any overcharging and an indication of potential cost savings.

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Enhanced UI Design

Increased user productivity

KnowledgeBus has improved the user interface design to enhance the overall user productivity. By understanding the needs of our customers, we have made changes in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

The new layout aids users by making the journey easier and more enjoyable. Effectiveness, efficiency and user satisfaction are important factors driving KnowledgeBus forward.

Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions

Drive informed procurement decisions with access to a terabyte of daily updated ICT Market Business Intelligence. We hold a data archive of over 600,000 end-of-life products, allowing informed comparisons against superseded models.

We invest in our technology-driven systems allowing you to analyse big data and present executives, managers or other corporate end users with informed business decisions.

High Connectivity

Link with CRM, ERP and Procurement Systems

KnowledgeBus has a high connectivity feature allowing you to share your benchmarking data with different CRM, ERP and purchase-to-pay systems.

Unlike other platforms, KnowledgeBus easily interacts with systems like Salesforce, Google, Microsoft Dynamics, Excel and more.

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Extend your procurement systems further

KnowledgeBus is very powerful when looking to save money on IT procurement and efficiency increases in your procurement processes.

Why not extend KnowledgeBus even further with bespoke Apps and extended e-procurement solutions.

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See KnowledgeBus in action

Get a free demo and see how KnowledgeBus technology facilitates faster, easier procurement.

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