As we navigate further into the 21st century, the synergy between finance and technology grows increasingly robust, shaping the evolution of the financial services sector.

Financial institutions globally are adapting to this new reality, driven by an unprecedented digital transformation wave. However, amidst this digital revolution, a critical component lies at the heart of the financial sector’s operational efficiency and growth — IT procurement.

The Pivotal Role of IT in Financial Services

Technology’s influence on the financial sector cannot be overstated. Whether it's banking, insurance, investment services, or any other sub-sector within the field, the efficiency and reliability of the IT infrastructure are paramount to smooth operations and excellent service delivery.

Unravelling the IT Procurement Puzzle

i) Pricing Inconsistencies

One of the most significant hurdles is the inconsistency in pricing. With a wide variety of IT products and services on the market and the continually changing trade prices, it becomes arduous for organisations to validate whether they are achieving a desirable margin of cost plus 3% on their IT equipment orders.

ii) Supply Chain Disruptions

The recent global events such as the Covid-19 pandemic have also disrupted supply chains, leading to product availability and lead time issues. These unforeseen challenges exacerbate the complexities in IT procurement, requiring organisations to adjust swiftly to maintain operational continuity.

iii) Contract Management and Supplier Relationships

Balancing supplier relationships with value delivery is another puzzle piece in IT procurement. Financial institutions often juggle multiple suppliers, each with their own set of contracted rates and markup structures. Without a comprehensive view of these variables, organisations may find themselves at the losing end of these contracts, potentially resulting in significant overspending.

The Provident Financial Story: An Exemplar

A case in point that exemplifies the challenges and potential solutions to the IT procurement puzzle in the financial sector is Provident Financial PLC. A leading specialist bank serving underserved markets in the UK, Provident Financial found itself struggling with inconsistencies in pricing, lack of visibility on contracted rates with suppliers, and disruption in supply chains.

Transforming IT Procurement with Transparency and Control

Transparency and control are key to resolving many of the challenges financial institutions face in IT procurement. Technology-enabled solutions that offer these benefits can help organisations gain a better understanding of their spending patterns, supplier relationships, and market trends.

The Way Forward: A Shift Towards More Informed and Data-Driven Strategies

It's clear that tackling the challenges of IT procurement in the financial sector calls for more than just a one-size-fits-all solution. It requires a comprehensive, multifaceted approach that encompasses not only advanced technology solutions but also a shift in mindset towards more informed, data-driven strategies.


The digitisation wave sweeping across the financial sector isn't slowing down anytime soon. As financial institutions continue to embrace technology at their core, the role of IT procurement in their strategic and operational plans will only grow more critical.

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